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Have you ever known someone facing cancer and wanted to do something beyond offering to take them a meal? Or maybe you’re the one in and out of hospital visits - if it’s not meeting with your oncologist, it’s waiting around for your infusion to be done or getting a scan.

We have exciting news to share: the SURVIVEiT Online Store is now open online! All items were selected and approved by caregivers, patients or survivors. From the coziest zip-up hoodie that’s convenient for ports, an insulated beverage bottle that’s sure to keep your tea hot longer than your long day at the treatment center, or a sweet teddy bear to remind your loved one they’re not alone in this - we have great items to send as gifts or to sport and show your support for SURVIVEiT!

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Read about how each item selected for the online shop can be of use to those facing cancer in a practical as well as supportive manner. We’ve asked some of our Advisory board members what would be helpful during treatment and selected items for our online shop based on their feedback.

For example, our zip-up hoodie. Not only does it allow for easier access to a port, but it also keeps you warm during a treatment (though we all know the blankets straight out of the warmer are the BEST!). As we continue to add new items to our shop, know that the same attention to your needs will be kept top of mind.

Featured SURVIVEiT Products
SURVIVEiT Zip-up Hoodie
A crowd favorite is our super soft, zip-up hoodie that’s ideal for those receiving infusions through a port, or anyone that’s spending time in a cold treatment center. Since it gets softer with every wash, it’s quite nice for anyone to wear during the cooler months!

SURVIVEiT T-shirts
Our SURVIVEiT T-shirts come in two styles and colors for men and two styles and colors for women. Keep these in mind for your next awareness walk or group outing. All of the shirts can have text added to the back to show support of your friend or loved one who you are supporting or honoring.

SURVIVEiT Stuffed Teddy Bear
The snuggly teddy bear is sure to lift anyone’s spirits - no matter how big or small the patient. With a great reminder to LiVE FEARLESS, this cozy little friend is a great companion to and from treatment.

SURVIVEiT Stainless Steel Tumbler
Hydration is so important for those on treatment, and those accompanying them! We chose this stainless steel spill-proof tumbler because of its ability to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! So whether you want to transport that fresh cup of tea, or need something reliable to keep that ice water cold - consider our SURVIVEiT beverage tumbler!

SURVIVEiT Baseball Hat
And if hats are what you are looking for, our heavyweight chino twill hat has the logo on the front with SURVIVEiT along the side. It is available with either a white or a teal logo and comes in two sizes. Perfect for keeping the sun out of your eye on long walks or on the golf course.

As a friend of SURVIVEiT, each time you wear one of our items or stay hydrated on-the-go with the insulated beverage bottle, you are helping spread awareness of SURVIVEiT and our mission. And when you are asked what does our name or logo mean, be sure to let them know we’re working to support anyone facing any type of cancer by empowering them with actionable steps to take to access better care. By spreading the word, you are helping us create a world free from the fear of cancer.

Every dollar profited from these items builds a tool that will change the way people face cancer, so your purchase is a win-win! And of course, if you’d like to do more to support SURVIVEiT, consider one of the other ways to donate or apply to be a member of one of our advisory groups.

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