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Elicity is your gateway to seamless genetic testing and expert physician interpretation of your results – at your convenience.

Meet Elicity


InTeleLabs is a telehealth and personalized medicine company empowering patients and consumers with online access to at-home, medical quality, clinically validated lab testing, through a national network of experienced, board certified physicians and CLIA-certified clinical laboratories. With a national network of experienced, board certified physicians, patients and consumers can now initiate medically appropriate lab testing from top, CLIA-certified specialty diagnostic laboratory partners.

About Elicity

Elicity is InTeleLabs’ online platform and gateway to seamless, secure, at-home lab testing and expert physician interpretation of lab results. elicity provides patients and consumers the power to initiate a test, access board certified physicians, and makes it easier than ever before to secure the information needed to take control of their health.

Elicity currently offers a range of clinically validated pharmacogenetic (PGx) tests, giving consumers access to accurate, medical grade, at-home PGx testing. By more carefully aligning a prescription to the patient, physicians can improve quality of care, reduce cost, and potentially minimize adverse reactions to prescription medications. PGx testing is an important tool in personalized medicine as it may provide additional information, based on a person’s genes, how that person might respond to a medication, or whether they are at risk of having an adverse reaction to a certain type of medication. For more information, visit www.myelicity.com

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