Danny DeMichele



Danny is a true serial Internet entrepreneur. Since 1997, he has founded and invested in over 50 online businesses in the digital marketing space. His entrepreneurial origins date back to 1997, when he opened a very successful online nutrition firm that was later acquired by a large international media company. Taking what he learned from that business, he became a high-level online marketing consultant to many fortune 500 companies, in the last 5 years with a heavy emphasis in the healthcare space. He has worked with and created strategies for many healthcare companies including Resmed, Life Technologies, Sequenom, Shire Pharmaceuticals and more. He brings his merged experience in digital marketing and healthcare to help position and grow YourDNA into a premium website in the genomics space.

Currently, Danny is a Managing Member at Growth Partner, a startup accelerator located in Carlsbad, Ca. Danny also holds several board positions in Internet and healthcare Startups.

Danny is married with 3 kids. He enjoys Surfing, RV’ing and anything else that can get him outside.