YourDNA is an open community that welcomes everyone.

Updated February 14, 2019

Stunning discoveries and advancements in human science are being made today that will impact you, your family, and all of humankind. These developments will help all communities live a better future.

YourDNA is the place where community meets to learn about genetic science, genomic science and find out what it all means.  

Just as computers and the internet suddenly evolved in your consciousness from the obscure and the complex, to everyday use, so too will your understanding of the science of you. YourDNA is a starting point of an optimistic journey for regular folks that will become critical to the well being of everyone on the planet today, and will evolve long into the future.

Yup, it’s that big a deal. 

Yet we faced what is today a common challenge: 

There is so much overwhelming information out there . . . it’s hard to find what matters.

To be clear, we are neither doctors nor scientists, but firmly respect the probabilistic nature of human genetics. So with the help of industry experts, readers, and academia, we challenged ourselves to turn the confusing into the clear, to highlight the important, and to thoughtfully provide a useful pathway to the discovery of what’s inside each of us. 

YourDNA is ethically driven without hype.

We illuminate useful perspectives, and thoughtfully bring you insights. We would like to help those afflicted with rare diseases by bringing together communities in need. And rather than expensive one-size-fits-all healthcare, we hope for a brighter future with precision medicine. 

We also provide information and resources for the professional community surrounding genomics and DNA testing at large.

For you dear reader, we hope to become the most useful agnostic provider of genomic insight about you and YourDNA. 

Our team is based in San Diego, California.

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