Genomics, biotech, pharma, and health companies of all stripes face a new era.

The most progressive are actively driving Omni-channel awareness with the most advanced marketing outreach programs. Customer acquisition, patient outreach and powerfully targeted product launch are critical.

YourDNA is a platform

for health industry companies to create "micro-sites" that can reach expanded market touchpoints.

YourDNA provides tools

to tell your story, in your words, your video, and your images, while adhering to regulatory guidelines.

YourDNA is agnostic

and plays no favorites.

YourDNA multiplies your reach

with patients, consumers, practitioners, GCs, investors, non-profits, and clinicians.

Whether health-curious, symptom-serious or journey-specific, everyone has faced the health question:

What Now?

Our Story

We are based in San Diego, California, a hotbed of genomic science and biotechnology.

Less than 20 years ago, the first whole genome sequence was performed in our backyard. Which means any practicing physicians had already left medical training by then, and current education can hardly keep up with the breakneck pace of innovation.

The information void is vast. Where does the public, patient, and practitioner then turn to determine, "what now", on the confusing journey to confident results?

Meet Our Team

The Journey Continues.

We discovered that a complete picture of the modern health journey was not readily available, if at all. Or not in a form that was very useful to most of us. Importantly, like no other area of science, it is the aggregation of our data and modern computing techniques around our DNA, and the individual differences, which drives advancements.

YourDNA formed in 2019 with the goal of gathering all stakeholders, their combined resources and knowledge, into one comprehensive understandable mosaic. A Rosetta Stone of traditional medicine and modern genomic science. A community of everyone.

Our ready-made community expands every month. To speak to them, speak through us.

By the year 2025, we predict the FDA will be approving 10-20 cell and gene therapy products a year...based upon clinical rates of success.

(That's more than approved in all human history)

Scott Gottlieb

Former Commisioner of the FDA

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