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In a world where the “early detection” of cancer is considered the best that medicine can do, we at CDx are routinely facilitating patient outcomes that are far more extraordinary.

That’s because our mission is to prevent cancer before it can even start.

How do we achieve this?  Behind the sophisticated technology of WATS3D is a simple goal – to more reliably identify still-harmless but precancerous cells so they can be removed or destroyed before they can ever progress to cancer

To that end, as part of an “Upper Endoscopy,” hundreds thousands of potentially life-saving WATS3D tests have been performed by endoscopists nationwide on patients with chronic heartburn and Barrett’s esophagus.

All of which makes CDx Diagnostics the world’s leader in enhancing the detection of precancerous cells in order to prevent Esophageal Adenocarcinoma, one of the most rapidly growing cancers in America.

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