98point6 Presents Innovative Take on Health Care

Updated March 13, 2019

Millions of Americans go without healthcare insurance or hold inadequate insurance, simply because they can't afford it. It's difficult to have to decide between going to the doctor and paying out of pocket and covering everyday living expenses like food and rent. But, what if there was a way to get the healthcare you needed without having to choose between that and putting dinner on the table? This is where 98point6 comes in and the company's looking to be a real game-changer in the medical industry.

How It Works

The company wants to combine access to private healthcare with technology by offering a service that connects patients and doctors. The messaging service allows patients to contact the doctors at any time, giving them access when they need it most. It's text-based and downloadable on your smartphone through both Google and Apple platforms.

Patients can get a diagnosis from anywhere without having to visit the office and without having to pay a visit fee. When you're referred to visit a physician in person, however, you will be responsible for out-of-pocket costs. You can use your regular health insurance, if you have it, for these visits.

A Cost-Effective Solution

The app is subscription based, so users need to sign up for an account. If you work for a company that subscribes, you'll have immediate access for little to no money out of pocket. If you don't work for an employer that uses 98point6, you can sign up for a personal account. The first year costs only $20, and after your first 12 months are up, you'll pay $120 for the next year.

98point6 Benefits Doctors, Too

The benefit of 98point6 doesn't just reach patients; it's got perks for doctors, too. The app itself is considered a bot of sorts, and it collects patient information and presents it to the doctor, eliminating a lot of administrative work. With this, the company hopes to turn physicians into advocates for the product.

Currently, the company has over 160,000 subscribers, but they're looking to scale and become the "Amazon of healthcare," serving millions of patients. The idea is so attractive that according to CNBC, many popular investors such as Larry Fink, David Viniar and Jim Sinegal have helped fund the start-up. The notion is so optimistic that 98point6 is likely to face a lot of competition in the coming years, but that only serves to benefit patients who will finally get access to the care they need without breaking the bank.

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