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YourDNA is the the starting point of an optimistic journey on which you are about to embark which will prove invaluable to you, your family and future generations of all human kind in ways that are unimaginable today.

Join our community as we help to educate, illuminate, simplify, and provide a voice of reason on your pathway to the discovery of you.

Hundreds of DNA tests are now on the market. Which is best for you?

Consumer DNA tests are exploding. Whether you received a DNA test kit as a gift, or have only just begun your search, we’ll help you find the next step.

Our guides can walk you through the process of finding the best DNA test to help you discover your ancestry, family history, health, and more.

Already have your DNA test results? Great! But what’s next? We can help you with information to interpret your results, or introduce you to professionals that can make sense of all that data.

How do DNA Tests Work?


Choose Your DNA Test

There are 100's of DNA tests that span aging, ancestry, wellness, pets, and more.


Take Your Test

Common DNA home-based kits require you to do a simple cheek swab.


Receive Your Test Results

Your DNA test results should arrive within a few weeks, depending on the test and provider.


Interpret Your Results

Browse our resources, guides and genetic counselor directory to access help to take the next step with your results.

How Can You Discover YourDNA?

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There are amazing things happening in the world of genomic science. Our mission is to help you find information to inform your own health journey.

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